A first family gathering of the descendants of our common ancestor, Jean Deslandes dit Champigny, took place on April 21st 2001 in St- Hyacinthe Quebec. That day, the day of our "Rassemblement", 468 cousins, out of 1200 invitations sent, met to learn all about the life and times of Jean Deslandes, to get to know their kin or to find long lost relatives. That day, more than 200 Deslandes, Champigny or Deland decided to become members of a future family association.

This association was legally born on December 2nd 2001. The descendants of Jean Deslandes dit Champigny, in Quebec, Canada or the USA,  are all invited to join.

Some very good reasons to join the new family association

 Our association will  regroup members of the Deslandes, Champigny or Deland families, whether they are related to the common ancestor through a direct line, marriage or other kinship.

 The family association will help and support its members in the search of their origins and family history and to validate such research. It will update and maintain our genealogical dictionary and data base and keep track of the various links between the members of the association.

 In order to preserve our families' history,  we will build and manage  a family data bank ;  it will  contain our  annals and records,  as well as all relevant documentation, photographs and artifacts.

 The genealogical information acquired by the association and its members will be made available to all members and to other organizations interested in genealogical research.

 A newsletter will be published to keep members informed, to support their research activities and to promote interest and involvement in the family association's events and activities.

 The association will organize meetings, events, trips aboutsuch  themes as the times and places when and where our ancestors lived and the history of their families.

 As a goal, all research supported by the association will eventually become part of public archives and of the public domain.

Best of all, all members of the Association will receive, free of charge, a document establishing their direct lineage to Jean Deslandes dit Champigny.

One becomes a member by filling in the required form (see following page) and by mailing a cheque made out to: "Association des descendants de Jean Deslandes dit Champigny" to the address indicated below.  The annual fee is $20.00 Canadian to Canadian residents. Due to additional administrative and research expenses to service our family members in the USA, we are asking  our american  cousins for the same $20.00 fee but in US dollars.




Association des descendants de Jean Deslandes dit Champigny

12525, Dansereau Boulevard

Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec

J2R 1R6