Claude Deslandes president,
Association des descendants de Jean Deslandes dit Champigny


There are moments in one's life that we know will become everlastingly sweet memories.

The birth of  our family association, for all of us whose name, or that of a parent,  is either Deslandes, Champigny or Deland, was such a moment.  The knowledge of our future will forever escape us but  learning about our roots,  thus being able to understand and value the lives and accomplishments of our forebears, will give us a better idea of who we are and where we come from.

In the past, genealogical dictionaries have not recorded our surnames.  For those of us interested in our family history,  such  a situation had to be set right.  True, there are not that many Deslandes, Champignys or Delands  in North America and  our history books have not  reported any  famous, not even notorious, character remotely related to  our ancestor.

No, Jean Deslandes dit Champigny never  played  an important role in the history of our  country, politically or otherwise.   He was simply a settler, a soldier, a farmer, a mason, a family man. As did the men and women of the early colonial days, he faced up to the hardships of his time and did his part to build a future for his family and country.  Unfortunately,  history books seldom tell the story  of such ordinary  folks.

Jean Deslandes  dit Champigny and Elisabeth Ronceray dit le Breton will remain anonymous in  Canadian history.  But  from the story of their  lives,  we can better understand the qualities of tenacity and determination, the survival instinct required of them to overcome all the hardships that made up the daily challenge of life in Nouvelle France.
Without their courage, we of the 11th or 12th  generation would not be here to enjoy our own lives.

Now that our family association, the Association of the descendants of Jean Deslandes dit  Champigny,  has  been born,  it  becomes the responsibility of all of us to keep it  strong and healthy.  A lot of work has been done, our membership numbers over 200 keen relatives and   the genealogical  data bank  built over the past years is both comprehensive and  as rigorously exact as possible.  But data and membership require continuous nurturing, which can be achieved only through  exchange of information and  data,  more members, a committed board of governors.  The Association will endeavour  to do  its utmost to answer your queries,  help out  in your  genealogy research,  organize family events so that we can all meet and learn more of and about  our "parenté".

On April 21st  2001,  the first reunion ever of our clans, our "Rassemblement"  was a huge success.   We owe this success to a small group of volunteers who worked hard and long and were totally committed.  Imagine how much 200 or more members of our family Association can accomplish by sharing the same commitment  to our goals.

The "Fédération des familles souches du Québec" is a federation  of  the founding families of  Quebec province. At their yearly convention in the spring of 2001, their members and board were greatly impressed with the accomplishments of  our "then"  fledgling new Association. Now we all share the responsibility  to make sure that  the Association  will enjoy a fruitful future, the future our family members and our own descendants richly deserve.